Sunday, September 1, 2019

How to download telegram files in U.C. Browser

Hi, guys these days’s I am noticing that Telegram is the new torrent for downloading latest movie’s easily and the numbers of people using telegram are continuously increasing day by day. How to download telegram files from U.C. Browser

In this article I am going to tell you how you can also Download Telegram file’s using any browser like UC browser, Chrome or from any other downloader. Downloading file directly from telegram is a big concern because many times the downloading get’s stop and it need to be resume again and again and you are also not able to know much much percentage of downloading is completed. So the solution for this is that you just get a link and you paste that in a browser and the file will start downloading automatically.
How to download telegram files in U.C. Browser

Follow the steps to download telegram file’s using any browser

Step 1. First of all select the file of telegram which you would like to download
Step 2. Tap on it and Click on forward button

Step 3. Now search in Telegram for Get Public Link Bot (it’s a bot created by telegram)

Step 3. Open the bot channel and click on start

Step 4. Now forward the file which you would like to download then send it to Get Public Link Bot

Step 5. Wait a few second’s the bot will generate a link and will sen you the link just tap on Get Resumable link and then click on copy

Step 6. Now you have the link just go in any browser and paste that link and the downloading will get started in that particular browser

I hope you will enjoy using this bot
How to download telegram files in U.C. Browser
Comment down Below if you have any quires regarding Download Telegram File in Browser like UC Browser, Chrome E.C.T.
How to download telegram files in U.C. Browser
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