Friday, September 6, 2019

Android Secret Code

Android Secret Code

Hey, Many people don't know capabilities of their smartphone some use it for communicating other via Phone Call or any other social media platform, some use it for game, or some uses for both but they don't know about the secret code which they can use in their dailer.

Today, I will be sharing many Secret Code with you which will make you do some cool staff in your android smartphone just type all these secret code in your android phone dailer.

Secret Code List's Type in Dailer

1. *#*#4636#*#* :- It will open a secret menu in you'r smartphone and hear you can check the following:-

a. Usage Statistics of any application which means you can know at what time did the application opened and it's closing time will also be shown even if the application is being removed from the recent tabs in your smartphone

b. There will be a tab for Phone Info in this menu as well and hear you can check about:-
   IMEI, Phone Number, IMSI, Current Network, Signal Strength GSM service GPRS service, Voice Network type, Data Network Type, Call Status, Romaing, DL Bandwidth, UL Bandwidth and LTE Physical Channel Configration
   You can also make some changes in this menu like Set Preferred Network Type and Run Ping Hostname( in IPv4 and in IPv6
   You can also switch on or off Cellular Radio Power, VoLTE Provisioned WiFi calling Configured EAB/Presence Provisioned and Cellular Information Refresh Rate

c. You can also Check Wi-Fi Information in this

2. *#06# :- This Secret Code will show you the IMEI Number of your Smartphone

3. *#07# :- This Secret Code will let you to check the Maximum and Minimum Sar Value of the device

4. 01189998819991197253 :- This secret code will let you to change the colour of your dailer Call buttom and the device will start to vibrate

5. *#*#232331#*#* :- This Secret code trick will let you test the Bluetooth of your device

Note:- This post will be updated in future so come and check this out whith regular Interval

I hope you will enjoy using these Android Secret Code

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