Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How to Call anyone with any Number for Free

The world has a perception that, the number which flashing on your mobile could no one else but him as his name also flashing on screen, but wait a minute, it might be someone using VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) to trick’s you, so beware of, it could be anyone.

In this article, I will be describing, how to call anyone with any number for free in India, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom etc. with any desired phone number (means I can call my principal from any of my teacher’s number).

Required Application

1. Application 1- Link
2. Application 2- Link
3. Application 3- Link

Follow the Steps to call

Step 1. Download both of the application on an Android phone from the link mentioned above. 

Step 2. Open Parallel Space App, in order to append Indy call In the Application in Parallel Space.

Step 3. Open the Indy call app and grant all the permissions which parallel Space app is asking for.

Step 4. On the right hand side, at the top there would be three dots, click on that.

Step 5. Click on ‘My Number’ from the menu.

Step 6. A screen would be open and there would be an option of One Day Free Trial,(Don’t worry it will be free forever, as long as they rectify their loophole which I had discovered)Click on that. 

Step 7. A new window appears, Set the number which is right in front of you.

Step 8. Set the any caller id (Phone Number) along with, you country code like Indian code is +91-xxxxxxxxxx.

Step 9. Set the number, open the home page of the application (Indy Call) and call anyone whom you would like to call, along with your country code before the number because country code is mandatory for making the call possible.

Step 10. Alter the number by clearing parallel space data (Open Settings>Applications>Parallel Space>Clear data).

Remember this

1. Commit to memory, only parallel space working for changing the number other cloning application, would say that your caller number is expired and the app will charge lucre for that


1. You need to clear the data of parallel space, for altering the caller id, and that’s how one can make infinite calls from any arbitrary number to anyone.

2. Without paying, Indy app permits one call only for a minute.

3. If you are not going to make any purchase, Indy call promotes their adv.

How to Call anyone with any number
for free


Disclaimer: Don’t use it, for any illegal purpose and I will not accountable for any blunder made by you, just use it for educational intention.
I hope you will enjoy using this application
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